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I am proud to serve the veterans and their families of Texas’ 11th congressional district. These men and women answered their nation’s call and left their families and homes to protect our nation and keep us safe.

Texas has a long and proud tradition of military service, and we are blessed to have a large community of veterans. The service they render to our nation does not stop when they retire. They continue to be a reservoir of strength, patriotism, humility, and honor for their communities.

War calls upon the best men and women our nation has and asks them to do difficult, dangerous and deadly things. There is no easy war, as our veterans know. All of them have sacrificed dearly in their service, and some never returned home because they made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We owe our veterans a debt we can never fully repay.

Our veterans risked their lives to protect us, and we have an obligation to heal their wounds and help them as they return to civilian life. The wounds suffered by our veterans come in all forms – some are obvious like lost limbs and deep scars, while others like PTSD and depression are invisible. All are real and all can be debilitating without proper care.

Often overlooked are the families of veterans who suffer right along with the wounded. Throughout a deployment, families wait every day to hear when their loved one is coming home safely. If they come home injured, these families are the ones who spend weeks at the hospital, hours each day tending their wounds, and provide a vital support network for our veterans. The families of veterans are indispensable to their recovery, and we must continue to put in place procedures and programs that empower and support the spouses, children, parents and siblings of veterans as they care for their wounded warriors.

As your representative in Congress, I am dedicated to ensuring that our veterans have the resources they need to obtain the care they have earned. We owe them nothing less.

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