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Energy and Environment

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Our nation is blessed with abundant energy resources, and nowhere is that more evident than in West Texas and the Permian Basin. In fact, if the Permian were an independent nation, it would be ranked eighth in the world for combined crude, condensate, and natural gas production.

It is due in large part to the strong innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that can found in the men and women across this country. It is their hard work and tenacity that has touched off a revolution in energy production, pioneering techniques like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. These techniques have dramatically expanded the size of our energy reserves and hold the potential to allow our nation to be energy self-sufficient in fewer than 20 years. They have also touched off an economic resurgence in the Permian Basin, South Texas, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other places across the country.

Alongside traditional fuels, renewable technologies like wind, solar, geothermal, and others are rapidly advancing here in Texas. These energy sources currently produce a small fraction of our total energy needs, but in time as they become cost competitive, they will represent an important part of our energy portfolio.

We must have a national energy strategy that is rooted in these realities and focused on what works. We must adopt an all-of-the-above, comprehensive national energy policy that bolsters our national security, ensures American businesses and consumers have access to inexpensive sources of energy, and promotes the American economy.

For too long we have been presented with the false choice that energy production only comes at the expense of environmental safeguards. All Americans, no matter what their political stripe, should strive to be good stewards of the earth and protect the blessings we have been given.

After eight years of an anti-business agenda, it is encouraging to have an administration that understands the importance of a thriving U.S. energy sector. I am fully supportive of the steps President Trump has taken to increase our nation’s energy independence and unleash American energy dominance. I am honored to be a voice to a region that plays an incredibly vital role in our nation’s diverse energy portfolio and remain committed to pursuing smart policies that allows folks in these industries to do what they do best.
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