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Conaway Comments on Passage of Government Takeover of America's Health Care System

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Washington, March 21, 2010 | Anna Harris (202.225.3605) | comments
Tonight, Congressman Mike Conaway (R-TX-11) released this
statement following the House vote on the Democrat-led government takeover of
our nation’s health care system:

“The American people have spoken loud and clear that they did not want this
bill. Yet, that did not stop our President and Speaker Pelosi from jamming it
down the throats of the American people tonight, narrowly passing it in the
House of Representatives on a strict party line vote of 219-212, with 34
Democrats voting against the bill. This government takeover of our nation’s
health care system includes billions of dollars in new taxes and almost a trillion
dollars in new government spending. It will force millions of employers to
cancel the health care that they currently offer their employees and force them
into the government run plan. It will also mandate that private citizens
purchase health care, whether they need it or want it.

"For months, the American people have been decrying this bad bill. I
personally have had thousands of people voice their concerns to me, and I am
not alone. Republicans in the House and Senate have been taking their concerns
from their home states back to Washington, shouting it on the floor, begging
for a clean slate in Committee hearings and in the halls of Congress. Yet, in
the name of politics, this is what it has come to. But we will not be silenced.
The battle is far from over, and I will continue the fight against big
government for West and Central Texans here in Washington.”
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