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Conaway’s Fuel Fury

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Washington, May 9, 2012 | comments

Today, Rep. K. Michael Conaway (R-TX) proposed two amendments to the Defense Budget for fiscal year 2013 aimed at strengthening domestic energy security and reducing cost.  Both amendments passed the full committee and will be included in the Defense Authorization measure scheduled to reach the House floor next week.  

The first amendment would exempt the Department of Defense from the Alternative Fuel Procurement Requirement and the second amendment would limit the DOD from purchasing any alternative fuel if the cost exceeds a traditional fossil fuel that would be used for the same purpose.  Both of these amendments would shield the Defense Department from cumbersome restrictions that threaten national security. 

During the hearing, Rep. Conaway offered the following remarks:

“Thank you. I would also like to point out the idea of short term versus long term has been brought up over and over. Everything we do is short term versus long term. The president's budget is filled with them; you know delaying the purchase of planes, delaying purchase of ships that we all know will cost a lot more in the future. In this instance it’s simply a way to save - only in Department of Defense budget would $5 million be a relatively small amount of money.  Nevertheless, it is money that doesn't have to be spent at this point in time. The Department of Defense should not be in the business of driving fuel markets and fuel innovations. That’s perhaps the Department of Energy's department or somebody else's. The Department of Defense is defend the country and get the best bang you can for the money you're spending and this is an area where we don't need to spend the money to prove anything. I yield back to the gentleman from Virginia.”      



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