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Congressman Conaway Statement on the Deal with Cuba

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Washington, December 17, 2014 | comments
Congressman K. Michael Conaway (R-Texas) issued the followed statement on the deal with Cuba:
“The agreement announced today is a poorly negotiated deal for America and for the Cuban people. We have given up significant leverage in exchange for few tangible benefits for our country or the average Cuban. As far as I can see, this deal makes no significant gains on either democratization or increasing respect for human rights in a country where the government controls every single aspect of life.
“I have long been a supporter of relaxing agricultural trade restrictions with Cuba and providing humanitarian support for the Cuban people. However, the policies currently in place created advantages that the President has simply given away with this deal and will serve largely to enrich the leaders of Cuba.
“The original embargo imposed by President Kennedy and the Cuban Democracy Act was of 1992 was explicitly intended to maintain sanctions on Cuba until the government moved toward ‘democratization and greater respect for human rights.’ Neither of these goals has been achieved with this deal.
“The President has yet again damaged America’s ability to use negotiations to make positive changes around the world.”
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