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Conaway Responds to Passage of DHS Funding Bill

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Washington, March 3, 2015 | comments

Washington– Today, Congress passed a bill that will fund the Department of Homeland Security for the remainder of the fiscal year, but does nothing to address President Obama’s illegal amnesty plan. Congressman Mike Conaway released the following statement in response to his vote against this legislation:

“Earlier in the year, I supported the legislation passed by the House of Representatives to fund the Department of Homeland Security and prevent the President’s illegal amnesty plan from being enacted. However, I could not support the legislation today that does nothing to address President Obama’s executive action to grant amnesty to five million illegal immigrants.

“Every attempt that the Republicans in the House of Representatives made to conference with the Senate on this funding bill was met with indifference by obstructionist Senate Democrats. Democratic Senators prevented this legislation from even being debated until hours before the Department of Homeland Security was set to shut down. Our nation was built on a system of checks and balances. The President himself said 22 times that he did not have the legal authority to act on immigration in the way that he ultimately did. A federal judge in Texas agreed with the President, and blocked his illegal amnesty plan from moving forward for now.

“I am deeply concerned by the lack of principle coming from the White House and the Senate Democrats who put the country in this position. I am hopeful that our courts will uphold the decision made by the U.S. District Judge in Brownsville and find that the President has grossly overreached his constitutional authority, and that his illegal amnesty plan is indeed illegal.”


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