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Conaway Introduces Legislation to Enforce Fair Trade with China

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Washington, June 5, 2018 | comments

Washington–After returning from a CODEL to China and South East Asia last week, Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-11) partnered with Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) to introduce the Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act.

“China has taken advantage of our trading relationship, becoming increasingly aggressive with illegal trade practices in an attempt to specifically undermine and drive American companies out of business,” said Congressman Conaway. “This presents significant national security and economic risks to the United States. President Trump has made strides towards improving our trading position with China, and the Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act will build on those efforts to ensure that America’s own best interests are protected from Chinese aggression.

“This legislation prohibits the sale of national security sensitive U.S. intellectual property and technology to China, and protects the U.S. from China’s attempts to weaken the U.S. economy. Chinese commercial technology is a proven vehicle for the Chinese government to spy on the U.S. government, and this bill includes my legislation to prohibit the federal government from purchasing or leasing Huawei or ZTE products or services. In today’s changing global environment, American national security and economic interests must come first. I’m proud to introduce this legislation with Congressman Ryan to do just that.”

Congressman Ryan added, “Our imbalanced trading relationship with China raises significant national and economic security concerns for the United States that we should be taking seriously. Congress has an obligation to fight for a level playing field with China that protects our own workers, intellectual property, and manufacturing base. We must act to stop abusive Chinese trade practices immediately, and then put into place a long-term strategic plan to strengthen the United States’ position in the globe. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation with Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Conaway to check China’s economic abuses that undercut our economic viability and national security.”

This bill is the companion legislation to S. 2826, introduced by Senator Rubio.

“Re-balancing America’s relationship with China is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Without strong, consistent, and strategic action to assert our national interests, China threatens to supplant the United States to undermine our security and prosperity,” said Senator Rubio. “The Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act targets China’s tools of economic aggression to make clear the United States will stand up for its workers on the international stage. I welcome Rep. Conaway and Rep. Ryan’s leadership in the House of Representatives on this critical issue.”
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