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Conaway: Anti-Semitism in House Must Be Seriously Addressed

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Washington, March 7, 2019 | comments

Washington– Thursday, Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-11) released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ failed attempt to stand against anti-Semitic comments from one of their own:

“Anti-Semitism, racism, white supremacy, and hateful speech have no place in the House of Representatives.

“When a Member of Congress violates these principles, appropriate action must be taken. As recently as January, that included a resolution unequivocally condemning the Member of Congress and his comments and removal from all committees.

“Now, we have a Member of Congress who continually chooses to use anti-Semitic rhetoric, and House Democrat leadership refuses to directly acknowledge the problem. Instead of strict condemnation, they have hemmed and hawed over the intent of the statements made. Democrats have handed out allowances for inexperience and youth, adding insult to injury for millions of Jewish Americans. Worse yet, Nancy Pelosi has allowed this Member of Congress to remain on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“This watered-down resolution included the Democrats’ kitchen sink, but did not lend support to Christians, Mormons, and many other groups that face regular discrimination in this country and abroad.

“House Democrats must take bigotry of all kinds seriously, not just instances that fit their progressive liberal agenda.”
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