Congressman Mike Conaway | 11th District of Texas
October 13, 2017

Conaway Chronicle: A Day in DC, Upcoming Town Hall Meetings, Last Call for Service Academy Nominations

Thank you for reading The Conaway Chronicle, a review of my activities in Congress and the 11th District. 

A Day in DC

Have you ever wondered what my typical day in DC looks like? At this link, you can see for yourself. Spoiler alert: it's a lot of walking!

Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

Next week, I will be holding three town hall meetings in the 11th District. These town halls give me the opportunity to connect with constituents, and hear about the issues that are most important to you. Please join me if you are able to!

WHAT: Brady Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, October 17, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
WHERE: Brady National Bank Community Room, 101 S. Blackburn Street

WHAT: Menard Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, October 18, 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
WHERE: Menard Public Library, 100 Mission Street

WHAT: Comanche Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: Thursday, October 19, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM
WHERE: Comanche Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, 304 S. Austin Street

Last Call for Service Academy Nominations

One of my greatest honors as a U.S. Representative is nominating young men and women to our military service academies. Young men and women who are interested in attending a military service academy will need to submit their application for a nomination ahead of the October 18, 2016, deadline. To be considered for appointment to a service academy, the applicant must be a United States citizen who is a resident of the 11th District and at least 17-years-old but not older than 23 on July 1, 2018. Selection is based on SAT and ACT test scores, class rank, grade point average, extracurricular activities, and leadership potential.

The application can be found online here. All applications must be received at my San Angelo office by Oct. 18, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact JoAnne Powell at 325 659-4010.

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Rep. Mike Conaway, 11th District