Congressman Mike Conaway | 11th District of Texas
June 9, 2017

Conaway Chronicle: House Passes CHOICE Act to Overturn Dodd-FrankA History of Fort McKavett, San Saba's Risien Park

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House Passes CHOICE Act to Overturn Dodd-Frank

The Dodd-Frank Act created a staggering 27,669 new regulations. Wall Street’s big banks can afford the overwhelming costs of compliance, but community banks, small businesses, and farmers and ranchers are struggling to hire new employees, invest in their futures, or get the loans they need to expand. The CHOICE Act delivers the regulatory relief Main Street needs, while increasing accountability and transparency within larger financial institutions.

The CHOICE Act holds Wall Street accountable for its own actions. It also cuts the deficit by $24 billion, and reduces the size of the bureaucracy. It’s time government stops working for a select few, and starts working for the financial future of every American.

A History of Fort McKavett

When Fort McKavett was first established in 1852, it served as a refuge for settlers being hounded by Indians. Today it is considered one of the best preserved military outposts in Texas. The post was abandoned in 1859, but was later reopened in 1868 due to a reemergence of Comanche Indian hostility after the Civil War. During this time period, the compound also housed a number of Buffalo Soldiers. Fort McKavett was completely abandoned in 1883. If you were to visit Fort McKavett State Historic Site today, you would find a number of restored buildings and the remnants of the commanding officer’s headquarters that burned in 1941. Though the site is remembered for its historical significance, it is also appreciated for its beautiful landscape and abundance of wildflowers.

San Saba's Risien Park

Risien Park in San Saba, Texas was donated by E. Guy Risien and the Lower Colorado River Authority to create a beautiful park space. There are RV hookups, and places to grill and picnic. This park is unique, because to get to the beautiful Pecan Grove Nestled in the Park, you enter through an old railroad trestle. Throughout the park, trail maps and historical markers help history come to life! Beside Risien Park, the San Saba River Nature Park features two miles of walkways, and space to fish and go birdwatching. If you live in San Saba, it’d be a great place for an afternoon visit, and if you’re travelling from further, it can be the perfect base from which to explore San Saba County.

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Rep. Mike Conaway, 11th District