Congressman Mike Conaway | 11th District of Texas
January 27, 2017

Conaway Chronicle: Preventing Taxpayer Funded Abortions, Introducing Legislation to Curb Abusive ADA Lawsuits and Improve the ADA, Helping Keep Local Radio Stations Free

Thank you for reading The Conaway Chronicle, a review of my activities in Congress and the 11th District. 

Preventing Taxpayer Funded Abortions

Tuesday, I voted to pass H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017. This legislation makes the Hyde Amendment permanent and expands its scope, preventing any taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions through any government program.

Americans overwhelmingly agree that no taxpayer funds should be used for abortions. The Hyde Amendment has already saved over 2 million lives, but only stops abortion funding from certain types of legislation. H.R. 7 ensures that absolutely no taxpayer dollars will ever be used to pay for an abortion, as it expands the Hyde amendment to apply uniformly across all federal programs, including the Affordable Care Act. We must continue to protect the lives of unborn children in every way that we can, because they are depending on us to end this horrific practice.

Introducing Legislation to Curb Abusive ADA Lawsuits and Improve the ADA

This week, I and Reps. Poe (R-TX), Peters (D-CA), Bera (D-CA), Calvert (R-CA), and Speier (D-CA) introduced H.R. 620, The Bipartisan ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017. This legislation will curb frivolous lawsuits filed by cash-hungry attorneys and plaintiffs that abuse the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Americans with Disabilities Act has made tremendous progress in increasing accessibility. Like so many good things, however, bad actors are taking advantage of ADA by filing frivolous lawsuits that have disastrous unintended consequences on local, small businesses. Predatory attorneys who often times don’t even live in the same state are using Google Earth to find minor ADA violations, and slapping devastating lawsuits on local small businesses who thought they were in compliance with the law without giving them an opportunity to fix the infraction. This practice helps no one but lawyers looking to make a quick buck, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that this legislation becomes law.

Helping Keep Local Radio Stations Free

Tuesday, I and Congressman Gene Green reintroduced the Local Radio Freedom Act, which opposes and new taxes or fees for music played on local radio stations. The resolution has 113 additional original cosponsors.

Communities rely on local radio stations for news, weather updates, and other emergency alerts. A proposed ‘performance tax’ on local radio stations has the potential to put the future of these stations in jeopardy. It is great to see so many of my House colleagues joining Rep. Green and I in support of our local radio stations and their listeners.

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Rep. Mike Conaway, 11th District