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Internships are an excellent opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in politics or government. Internships are offered in the District 11 offices in Washington, Midland, San Angelo and Llano. Our interns help staff with a variety of duties. Their primary roles are to handle mail and assist with phones.They also help compile research, conduct Capitol tours, write legislative correspondence, attend committee hearings, gather news clippings, assist with management of the constituent database, and assist with scheduling requests. Duties will vary according to offices.

Besides the above listed office duties, my staff works with interns to involve them in the educational opportunities available in Congress and Washington, D.C. For instance, the intern coordinator will keep interns aware of lectures and seminars taking place in and around the Capitol. We also coordinate tour activities for interns while they are in Washington.

In the district, interns can expect to gain an understanding of how representatives can help citizens with federal issues. Students will be exposed to casework inquries, policy discussions, and the latest news in Washington. Students will also be given the opportunity to work in the field with congressional staff.

I offer internships from September through December, January through May, and through the summer. In the summer my office will typically offer three, four-week sessions, one starting the middle of May and lasting through the middle of June, one from mid-June to mid-July, and the third from mid-July to mid-August. The deadlines for submitting applications are:

  • Summer Sessions - March 1
  • Fall Semester - July 15
  • Spring Semester - December 1

These are unpaid internships, and interns are responsible for their own housing. My staff will be happy to make housing suggestions. Additionally, my intern coordinator is very willing to work with college professors and interested students to design a specific internship that will fit both the office's needs and the student's needs.

Thank you again for your interest. For those interested, please send me a cover letter with a résumé, references and the linked intern application.

For an internship in Washington, D.C., contact Lyssa Bell at (202) 225-3605 or lyssa.bell@mail.house.gov.

For an internship in Midland, San Angelo and Llano, contact Corbette Padilla at (432) 687-2390 or send my office an email.

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